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New Project by Carolina Rueda



Why are so many people walking alone in the city of Norman, Oklahoma? I see them walking slowly,

on sidewalks next to roads full of cars –always alone. Is this cultural? Is it lack of means of transportation? 

Is it poverty or... utter solitude? 

Foot Tracks on Sand
Foot Tracks on Sand


The film intertwines a fictional story with the stories of some itinerant individuals that live in the fringes of society in the city of Norman, Oklahoma. Filming occurs as we follow the characters in the areas they traverse, while they also express what they would like to share about their life, current situation, family, politics, and a particular behavior: walking 'solo' in the city.


The content of the film will evolve spontaneously and in a similar manner the fictional story will develop. Ultimately, the objective is to allow for all the stories to be seen and heard.  It's their project! 

Research includes information from non-profit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of underrepresented Norman, Oklahoma residents.

People Walking


While filming another project in Norman, I became aware of the many people that spend much of their time walking alone, going somewhere in solitude, through the empty sidewalks of the city. This phenomenon caught my attention and, as I continued filming, I also had the opportunity to talk to some of these people. These underprivileged individuals –women and men from different cultures and ethnicities­– told me some of the most interesting, intriguing, and avid stories about their lives I had ever heard.


In preproduction

in Norman Oklahoma

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