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Click here: Interview with the director of Oklahoma Mon Amour at Chicago Movie Magazine

Snowy Woods
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The film visually narrates ‘the impossible South’ that we carry: closed planes, broken angles,

a black and white that functions as a magnet. The talent lies in the ability to narrate with nomadic images that intersect and create the story of those two brothers who are looking for each other without really being able to engaging into dialogue.


            Roberto Brodsky

"Wandering and searching are the central motifs of this film. Not only with Sebastian and Nico, but also with their parents. Wandering and not belonging when facing the world. Sebastian wanders and searches through the entries in his diary, embarks on a trip to Mexico because of the need to unravel the mystery. Nico wanders through his articles, through cities, their heritage, through languages and cultures, while trying to define their spirit and understand his own. Liam wanders through the past, through music… His attempts to find his own footsteps leading to Mexico may stem from a desire to go back to the beginning and change his past, to choose a different path… In an effort to unravel the past, Nico and Sebastian tend to build their identity in the present, in order to give the future a more certain framework."

Andrija Jovanovic

Berlin Revolution Film Festival

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Arthur Dixon (Nico). Nominated for Best Actor. Toronto Film Channel Awards              Director: Claudia Cavallin


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